The Cathartic Tradition of Trailer Racing

By Vintage Voyage

Maybe 'tradition' is too strong a word. Let's call it a pastime.

Yep, that's right. Here we are restoring and designing abandoned trailers, and these fools are driving them around a race track until they disintegrate. And we cannot tell you how fun it is to watch.

While Louisville watches the most exciting two minutes in sports, we're enjoying a solid eight plus minutes of sheer destruction. If you've ever been through rehabbing a long neglected camper, you'll understand the satisfaction of watching them get rammed with a pickup truck and exploding in a glorious cloud of wood shards and metal sheeting.

Trailer races take place all over the country and are usually the main event of a demolition show. The video header was filmed at Rockford Speedway in Rockford, IL. A quick search shows events the Carolinas, Tennessee, Florida, pretty much all over the American south.

And they don't just pull old campers. Boats sans trailer (for added sway and destruction), and even a coffin hitched to the back of a souped up Hearse made an appearance in the video below.

What's the point of all this? Is there a 'winner'? Oh my god, that beautiful trailer! Why, o, why?

Listen, there isn't a point. It's unadulterated destruction for the sake of dangerous laughs, funnel cake, cheap beer, and being together. Winner? Sure, but who cares? And your concern over the trailer is valid. However, these trailers were probably not worth saving. Although in the video below, you can spot original cabinet fixtures that could have been sold or reused, also taillights, cushions, etc.

If any demolition derby drivers are out there reading this, let us inspect your wreckage trailer prior to the derby. We'll gladly take some small parts off your hands.

We don't know what it is about animals and vehicles moving around an ellipsis at high speeds that is so satisfying to humans. But we're onboard with the joy it brings many a race fan.

The wasted parts make us a little sad. But maybe one day, a kindhearted demolition race organizer will reach out and allow us to grab some parts before the mayhem begins.

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